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"Breakable Rules" Poem

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Breakable Rules

I touch the untouchable, I feel what you don't feel

I speak the unspeakable and I am able to fake what is real

My role is pretty simple, just a lion guarding a kingdom

I am praised like a symbol, and I imprison one's freedom

I can break empires when I'm moody

I can break soldiers on their duty

I can get praised in a movie

Then imprison who reviews me

I am just that type of guy

Who has too much power in his hand

I am just that type of guy

Who demands and then commands

I am just that type of guy

Who has a plan and has a land

I am just that type of god

Who if you speak upon you are damned

You don't like me, but you really wanna be me

You hate my guts, but you deserve to live so freely

I have never hurt you personally, just a much bigger scale

Because at this point I can get rid of you, and put this land on sale

I put the rules, I start the strifes

I put the rules, I shape your lives

I put the rules and decide who survives

I shape your future using guns and knives

I spend millions on weapons, just to protect you, precious flowers

That part is a joke, I just like to seek for me power

I mean if we get invaded

Freedom will be hard to obtain

Nothing of difference

Just rulers with foreign names

I mean I'm not helping

It's your problem to maintain

Because if we get invaded

I am booking my first plane

It's just this easy, I am not willing to die

Because, you know, I am just that type of guy