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"C" Poem

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Why are you stopping?

Deceleration is not a solution

I guess it got too hard

Or too far from a conclusion

I guess it got too hard

Or too far from the end

They say you're not trying

But only trying is what you did

They say you don't try

While the trial is too high

But those above a mountain

Never fell from the sky

I mean Those above a mountain

Are also destined to die

Because Those above a mountain

Guessed it was too hard to reach the sky

You'll hit and you'll miss because that's what life's meant to be

I mean They say and they guess but they never try to see

You'll pay after you spent because that's what you should do

I mean they say and they guess but they never speak what's true

After you say and you spend

After you reach out for a friend

After you hit and get hit

After you think it's the end

After you're torn apart

After the smooth and the rough

You're right back at the start

Because what you did Isn't enough

I guess life is a b word

But you're too naive to understand

Because no matter how you see the world

The c word to you is still "can't"

After all what you've been through

What made you not strong?

The mistake can be as simple

As declaring the c word wrong

The c word can be "completion"

Doesn't have to be academically

Because when you get praised as a person

You guess the c word incorrectly

The c word can be "climb"

You did too much to comprehend

Trying to reach whose above

While you reached multiple ends

The c word doesn't matter

Can be as simple as it sounds

Because you can "see" where they are

Or you can "see" what you found