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"Confront Me" Poem

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Confront me

Dear Mr president, I hope you're doing fine.

Cause when you receive this letter i might not be alive

Because an opinion nowadays is claimed as a crime

And your opinion is claimed to be more important than mine

Although i know more about the country you own

Cause to you it's a business but to me it's my home

Cause i know about the people more than you've ever known

And i look at the TV and i see what is shown

You portray the rich as happy and the rest as needy

I never asked for anything, i never asked you to feed me

Just give me a chance to work and provide

Just give me a chance and don't call me greedy

Don't give me anything just let me live free

Let me say my opinion and please don't kill me

I am not asking for a lot but i shouldn't feel scared

When i post this poem online and my opinion is shared

I should be proud of my country and proud of the people too

I should be proud of our accomplishments i should be proud of you.

So dear Mr president don't take this as a threat.

But i am unhappy and so are the dead.

The dead who sacrificed their lives for this country.

So my message for you is please.... "confront me"