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"Did Do" Poem

Published on

Did do

Try again

Press undo

Lets restart the game

And be my player two

Lets restart the game

And forget about what happened

Cause Instead of saying "I do"

I ended up saying i haven't

We could have had it all too

But you weren't really committed

Because When i did do

You dint do so it didn't

Does doing seem hard

Or am i too blind to see

This girl broke my heart

And now the doing did me

They say i want you back

Don"\'t believe them cause its not true

Because now i say i had

When i used to have what is now through

You were the good cause

I thought There wasn't an end

But you weren't what i was

And i cant be with what you weren't

You weren't what i was

And i cant be because i had

And being having isn't here

And having to be is to have

I should have but i don't

Because all i have is "i had"

Please, i want but you wont

And wanting really makes me mad

Because I cant get what i want

But i can want what i wanna get

And getting is now a taunt

Because it's there but it isn't

Is it a dream or is it real

Did it happen or did it not

The past makes me feel

But the present is what i got