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"Heads Or Tails" Poem

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Heads Or Tails

I want to join

And be apart

Hit a groin

Or break a heart

Have a point

Or have a mark

I flip the coin

And call it art

Heads or tails

See me through

A chance, a fail

A gamble too

I follow trails

I am not like you

My life's a tail

Your story's true

But I have no fears

I have no slips

I have no tears

No relationships

But My choice ain't here

Without the tip

My choice appears

After the flip

But I have a mind

I have a heart

I can decide

I can't depart

I can't resign

I've been too far

I have been too blind

But I hit restart

i call it art

i flip the coin

and throw the dart

Imagine a world

Without the rust

Where people's words

Are made of luck

Where the pain ends

But he still wails

Where he hopes for heads

Or hopes for tails