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"Healed My Wounds" Poem

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Healed My Wounds

A question mark? Where is the end?

Please Treat me like an enemy but not like a friend

treat me with rage? nothing will change,

aside from the fact that you are tearing the page

She's tearing the page and inking the book.

She's starting a phase with no second looks.

No looks, no cries? Look me in the eyes.

Tell me you don't care about the other guys

She is saying goodbyes after telling the lies

made out every morning now tells me to die?

After the lying, comes the regret

We broke up but you are still sending the texts

Sending regards ,sending good nights

Forgetting the parts, forgetting the fights

Messages starred then broken lights

Broken hearts and broken might

With many scars and poems to write

Turned down my guard, I wasn't right

But I wasn't wrong, I wasn't sure

I wasn't strong, i wasn't mature

I wasn't quick, you weren't pure

I wasn't sick but you were the cure

You cured my scars and made me live

Traveled to mars with no oxygen

Traveled to the stars with a single move

But broke me apart and healed my wounds