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"Insecure" Poem

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Is this how i will live my life
With me and my mind having a fight
Should i cry every-time i look in the mirror
Should i keep on with my life living in terror
Should i only feel happy when people praise me
Should i always say that i am fat and lazy
Should i keep living my life scared
Thinking that nobody actually cares
Thinking everyday what will i wear
Thinking about how i will style my hair
Then i think to myself "does it really matter?"
Cause as time passes i will keep getting fatter
Cause when time passes the clothes wont fit
Cause as time passes my life wont get fixed
Cause i only think about what they think
And if i keep this up my confidence will sink
I should always look at the bright side
I should only think about whats inside
Cause the outside makes the core hide
And the inside should be the thought in mind
You should only think about the core
Cause you are judging someone who is not sure
Not sure what people think of him
You are judging someone insecure