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"Issues" Poem *Best*

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I start my day with a fight, and transition using comedy.

I end my day being right, but I still end it using an apology.

I think sarcasm helps me get through a lot of smoke.

I mean, when I am insulted it’s a joke,

When I get punched, it’s my folk,

When I get cursed, it’s a “misspoke”,

And when I am alone, I explode.

It’s a really fun lifestyle I am living.

I always love saying sorry and forgiving.

I always love being by cowardness driven.

See! Sarcasm is always fitting.

What’s missing? Nothing I’m not grinning it’s a smile

If it isn’t, then what have I been doing for a while?

Those are not tears those aren’t mine.


I mean, when I look in the mirror, I don’t see tears.

I don’t see fears, no read ears, nothing appears.

I don’t see red, But instead,

I see the whitest of heads

I see someone so alive, that he just wants to be dead

I see someone hurt by some of the words you might have “said”

“Said”, “Say”, “Saying”; I am unsure I lost count

I mean,

End today obeying, maybe they hear your sound


A friend may weigh in but they won’t stay around


They pretend away to stay in to befriend a lower ground

Okay, let’s just calm down, take a thinker’s view

Hit a wall, break a finger or two

Bite my lips till blood falls through

Think positively or whatever these people do.

I don’t like my own company, but it’s easier to comprehend

When you don’t have any pals you are your imaginary friend

So, these people are all wrong and I am the one with the brain

This isn’t where I belong that’s why it is harder to maintain

I am trying to stay strong, so, I’ll say it again

These people are all wrong, I don’t have to explain.

Let’s hide in a comfort zone and wait for the day

Just you, me, anxiety, and pain

I don’t need no one else because I’ve finally obtained

A place where being me is the only thing that remains

So, I start my day with a fight, and transition using tragedy

I end my day being right and I still end it in reality

My tactics have involved a lot of shouting and screaming

Which might have resulted in people bouncing and leaving

I might be in the wrong, but I am not doubting nor seeing

Because when I am not listening, they’re not counting on me then.

I love my new life filled with nothing but jerks

See! Sarcasm always works.