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"." Poem

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A question without an answer is just a mystery, no question mark assistance

Speaking of punctuation, when to place the dot and when continue with your resistance

I am at that point where I'm living but I'm unsure about existence

I'm at that point where forgiving is the only form of acceptance

I think it makes sense, Surely I am not that blind

But then again, on my defense, I am not that left behind

I mean combined with my kind , I am not declined nor undefined.

But getting combined with that mind , is it too much to really find?

That's it.. lost hope.. time to place a dot.

Cause I am at that point where I am sad because..... Actually I forgot

Okay, hard-work gets rewarded, humiliation must pay.

The glass is half full as every bullshitter might say.

So maybe I'll postpone my dot. Maybe I'm struck by karma.

Maybe I'll postpone my dote because I might be up for the drama

Maybe I'll postpone it to neglect the tears of my mama.

Because Maybe, just maybe... I'll postpone my dote for a comma