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"Puppets" Poem

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I work in a news station

Might sound like fun

But to deliver information for a nation

You need to remix and rerun

Re-fix, and rephrase then remake and refund

Redo, and retake then repeat until you're done

So I start my show like any ordinary man

I seem friendly to my audience then give out plan

But I can't say it like it is, they don't want what is true

So, I lay out the headlines with a little tweak or two

So there was this guy that shot people in the mall

He was trying to shoplift, he had a gun, he was tall

He was bulk, he was strong, he is arrested for his attack

Oh by the way, did i mention he was black?

I mean we can focus on the people who lost their lives in this hit

I mean they were innocent and stuff but will that really get clicks?

Let's look at the killer, at his color, at his race

At his region, at his home, at his family, at his face

I mean the bullet is shot and we blame the arms dealer

I mean a pope just dies and we blame the grim reaper

That might sound stupid but that's what you believe

So let me move on to my next head line please

It says here there are protests because the lives of the blacks

I mean how dumb are these people, protesting without masks?

This act is so arrogant, what, are they forgetting?

Because while they are having fun, the virus is spreading

I mean i can talk about the cause, or give news that are legit.

I can give reason for their actions but will that really get clicks?

I mean that's why you watch me, you are too selfish to see

That no one agrees with you which led you to me

As I said, job is fun, but creativity is number one

So why blame the minority when you can just point a gun

I mean Let's make a problem that isn't what it seems

Because that is my job, create conspiracies out of schemes

Create scams out of streams, create scandals out of memes

Cause I am the master and you are my figurines

I have the money to finance, I have slaves that are fans

So, I puppet with your minds cause you gave me the chance