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"Sleepless" Poem

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The fight is real

Make it stop

Scared to sleep

Scared to not

Drown right there

Or drown with a boat

Drown by a nightmare

Or drown by a thought

Stay awake

Or pretend dead

Hurry, I want to rest my head

Stay awake

Or fade to black

Hurry, the thoughts are coming back

Hurry I am hurting can't you see?

Hurry I am dying in my dreams

Hurry because I can't hear my cry

Wake me up before I die

Wake me up it's not the path i chose

Cause I don't want to die with both my eyes closed

Sleep is supposed to be relaxation for the tired

To you it's admired to me undesired

The fact that I burn all my thoughts with that fire

That's completely unpleasant but deeply required

So I start blinking rapidly to rest my little eyes

To not go to sleep to not meet my demise

I start listening to people, and broadcasting my cries

I mean to me it is horrible and they say fear is a lie?

They say fear is not here, not there and not true

So if the fear is isn't real but the fear is in you

Don't stress it's a phase it'll be over soon

Or maybe paranoia but who has a clue

Talk to your parents, or show your facade

Talk to your friends, get close to your god

People are judging a man for his weep

The scar is so deep, i can't go to sleep