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"The Square Before One" Poem

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The square before one

Do I really miss the old times?
I ask, unsure about my state
Do i really need to coat rhymes
To express times that aren't staged

Do I really need you back
or I really need your back?
Did you create what I lack
Or lacked me who I am

Did you leave a part of you
Or did you take a part of me
I'm really unsure what to do
When Im treated like an apostrophe
I should have been placed
between the I and the M
But to be a burden is to be normal
and to be remembered is a sin

I mean, you wont make some time for someone who was your world
Like you might not waste your time to punctuate a word
Punctuate a paragraph, a sentence, or a phrase
Punctuate a Friend and never punctuate a phase.

My state went worse
But it also went better
It's like getting over a divorce
And still writing a love letter

It's been more than a year since I last felt you around
It's been more than a tear to clear my mind from your sound
It turned into fear of speaking after having no bounds
You said you'd help me know me better but my self was never found

I still remember the first talk of us two
There was no conversation but we carried it through
Our friendship re-winded instead of being done
Because right now we are back at the square before one