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"Unsure" Poem

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I don't where I am

I am not sure where I am headed to

But I am 2 shots in, 3 shots thin, with a fore-shot grin and a friend or two

The five scars on my skin, the six bars that I've been and the seven stars that I named with you

The eight years and the end, the fears and the sins, she'll reappear but when, I'll be saved but by who

I called her pretty, but she kept building walls.

I'd buy her a city, but she doesn't return calls

I guess it's the pity that she has for someone else

But I loved you more than I ever loved myself

You said you are done with no reason on the shelf

You said you are done when I said I need help

I don't know if I want you, it messes with my head

Can't think with your heart when your heart is deemed dead

"I guess I am struggling, I guess it's not meant"

I guess you are puzzling over the conditions you invent

I'd love a scenario where after years I call you strange

I'd love a script where I am not the one locked in a cage

I'd love a book where I am not the missing page

I'd love a story where I can be evil for a change